iPhone X repair parts: The Complete Guide for Importers.

iPhone X repair parts
Tina Liu
October 2nd, 2019

If you are a local wholesaler or a repair store owner, you need to read this guide when you import iPhone X repair parts from China.

1, iPhone X problems: What users complain about the most.

We learned that these problems are easy to appear in the process of using the iPhone X.

iPhone X Search in Settings not working

iPhone X GPS not working properly

iPhone X Face ID not working properly

iPhone X not working in cold temperatures

iPhone X Buzzing Speaker Problem

iPhone X Not charging

When appearing these problems with your iPhone X, it may be that the internal parts have damaged.

For example, if you iPhone X not charging, please check your iPhone X charging port. If it’s filthy, that could be the problem. If you see any excess of dust and dirt, you can use a toothpick to clean it out. If you’ve double checked everything and nothing helps, you need assistance from a technician to replace the charging port.

2, How many grades of iPhone X repair parts?

Usually, for iPhone X repair parts have OEM and aftermarket Grade AAA quality. you can buy what you need.

3, Why you need to choose the Mocan Technology to buy iPhone X repair parts?

Mocan Technology knows all the iPhone X repair parts, and can always give you the best quality. also, We have a lifetime warranty let you no worry about the return.

We have the quotation for iPhone X repair parts wholesale, Lower MOQ support, Please contact us now.

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